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The Longhouse, Jimbaran - BaliThe Longhouse, Jimbaran - Bali

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July 17, 2018


This is the season for Ngaban or cremation ceremonies. Today, most Balinese villages designate an auspicious day for a mass cremation ceremony in order to share the cost of the rituals. It is believed that by proper execution of the death rituals the chances increase for the departed to ascend to the upper realms to await reincarnation.

Each village and area has slightly different approaches. In some areas the corpses are exhumed from a burial site for an actual cremation and in some cases, there is a symbolic burning. Some villages conduct a ceremony like this only once every five years with the expense shared by all those who have family members who have passed away in this period.

Many months of preparation and planning go into the joint Ngaben ceremony and it is a beautiful spectacle to behold.


June 3, 2018


Galungan Day was May 30th this year marking the beginning of 10 Days of feasting and celebration in Bali. On Galungan Day, the Balinese believe that the deities come down from heaven and remain on earth for a 10 day period. In this period, the Balinese celebrate the victory of Dharma (good) over Adharma (evil).

On Saturday, June 9th, the feast of Kuningan is celebrated and once again the deities will return to heaven.

As a visitor during this time you will enjoy seeing the beautiful penjors which are placed in front of each Balinese home. A long, graceful piece of bamboo is decorated  containing a recepticle where offerings are placed. Drive around Bali now and you won't miss the beautiful penjors bobbing up and down in the gentle breeze.

May 17, 2018


A Balinese Dance performance is a "must see" for any trip to Bali. Uluwatu Temple, one of the 5 most sacred temples located on the Bukit Penninsula, is dramatically perched on a rock cliff facing the ocean with waves crashing below and is located just 14 Kilometers from The Longhouse. As the sun sets every night the Kecak Dance is performed here in this dramatic setting.

This breathtaking performance recreates a portion of the Ramayana story together with concentric circles of chanting male performers. After Sita is spirited away by the evil demon king, Rama, her royal husband,  enlists the support of the Garuda and Hanuman, the monkey king to win her back.  We won't spoil the surprise ending just after darkness falls.

If you can choose only one dance on your trip to Bali, this is the one!

May 8, 2018


Wellness is at the heart of The Longhouse and we’re excited to share a brand-new addition to our offerings. Aiming to cleanse and purify the human body and soul, the traditional Melukat ceremony is embedded in the spiritual Balinese way of life.

The ceremony takes place at the beautiful, traditional home of our Balian (Balinese priest), in the village within a short walk of The Longhouse. Guests are provided with traditional attire (sarong and sash) to wear, whilst holy water and flowers are gently poured over the body as prayers are being chanted.

The ritual is known to cleanse the body and mind, refresh the soul, and dissolve negative influences. Guests will leave the ceremony feeling tranquil, soothed, and rejuvenated!

Do note that there is a small cost for taking part in this activity.